What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Okay, so a pot of grease was the ultimate cause of fire damage to my kitchen. But when I called your staff, I received fast and friendly service with a repair quote that was lower than any of the other companies I called. Thank you for making my repairs!

Excellent service from both the in site team as well as the office team. Will highly recommend!

It took a fire to make me realize how much my home means to me. Thank you SERVPRO for doing such as great job restoring it. I highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in this horrible situation.

Highly recommend!  Unfortunately, we experienced a business fire which resulted in a high volume of water damage.  More than half of our 10,600 square foot space was effected.  From the moment we called SERVPRO, their entire staff was compassionate and ready to work. SERVPRO had to mitigate all damaged areas; re-install drywall, carpet, etc.  Management kept us informed of all progress and tasks to be completed.  They checked in, on-site with their staff daily to ensure progress and make sure we were satisfied.   Because of SERVPRO, we were able to get our business in functioning form to re-open after 6 days.  They understood how crucial it was for our staff and clients to be back in working order.  I would highly recommend SERVPRO for our community.

SERVPRO came out right away and they were professional and thorough with cleaning up the residue from several discharged fire extinguishers. We couldn't be more happy with the service that we experienced from their whole team!

While I would have rather not had the experience of waking up to our home filled with smoke, I am very thankful for SERVPRO. Dave Royer is who helped us and he was at our house to investigate the situation within an hour of getting a call about our situation. He was absolutely amazing! He answered my phone calls and text messages regardless of the time of day and always did what he could to help us. I know that the reason we got back to "normal" so quickly is because of him and his hard work. I am very thankful for Dave and SERVPRO for helping my family and our home!