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Recognizing Outstanding Employees: Q3 Employee of the Quarter

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

Employees of the quarter We are thrilled to recognize Bobbie and Octavius as c0-Employees of the Quarter.

Each quarter, SERVPRO of Harrisburg West recognizes a team member with the “Employee of the Quarter” award. This quarter, not one but two exemplary employees, Bobbie Wylie and Octavius Duval, particularly stuck out and we are thrilled to recognize them as our Employees of the Quarter. Keep reading to learn more about Bobbie and Octavius:

Bobbie has only been a member of our SERVPRO of Harrisburg West team for a few months, as she joined us in June of this year, but she has made quite the impression right off of the bat. Bobbie serves as the Office Manager of our SERVPRO of Harrisburg West office. She has done a fantastic job handling all concerns from customers in addition to managing the schedule. This September, when Hurricane Ida hit, Bobbie assisted in putting together a plan to help as many customers as possible while Ida was slamming Central Pennsylvania.  Bobbie also consistently puts in extra time to make sure things have been completed and done in a timely manner.  She continues to use her insurance knowledge to assist in speaking to adjusters for approval, offering us a unique and beneficial perspective that makes the process smoother for adjusters, customers, and our staff. We know that Bobbie has a bright future ahead of her with SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team - Team Wall. She has already done so much impressive work and we cannot wait to see what else she will accomplish as a member of our team. Thank you for all that you do, Bobbie!

Crew Chief Octavius Duval has been a member of our SERVPRO of Harrisburg West team for almost 2 years, but he has worked with SERVPRO for over 8 years. In addition to his valuable experience in the field, he consistently shows great leadership skills. He also frequently volunteers for storm work opportunities, including this summer’s Hurricane Ida, in addition to volunteering locally for overtime work. Octavius knows that at the Crew Chief level, leadership and hardwork are crucial, and he makes sure that he demonstrates in everything he does. Always willing to do what is needed to get the job done, he makes certain that his jobs are completed and information is easily transferred to the job file coordinator for quick billing.  Octavius is everything we can ask for in a Crew Chief and we are so grateful to have him on our team!

Large Loss Commercial Fire Damage: Job of the Quarter

10/8/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damaged warehouse The large fire in our customer's warehouse left behind about 170,000 square feet of space affected by soot and smoke

We take the time here at SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team - Team Wall each quarter to select one job as our “Job of the Quarter.” For this special title, we select a particular job that spotlights the strengths of our company and the goals for which we strive in every job that we have the pleasure to complete. For 3rd Quarter 2021, our “Job of the Quarter” title goes to our work in July with a customer who experienced fire and smoke damage within their warehouse. Members of our team from every department and every corner of our company came together to get the job done with our trademark hustle and teamwork.

A Large Loss Is Never Too Large

Our customer reached out to us on June 28th with information about a large fire loss that they had experienced on their commercial property. We arrived on site as soon as possible with our Harrisburg West team of professionals ready to assess the damage within 24 hours. With our 24-Hour Emergency Services, our ability to complete both restoration and reconstruction work, and experience working on large loss projects, we were able to prove to our customer that we could get their commercial business back on track in no time. 

Making It “Like it never even happened.”

The large fire in our customer's warehouse left behind about 170,000 square feet of space affected by soot and smoke, made worse due to the fire’s proximity to the building’s HVAC unit. Work began on the same day the contract was signed, as we wanted to get a head start on tarping the roof and cleaning ducts. Working through the July 4th holiday weekend in order to get our customer's employees back in their building quickly, we cleaned offices while employees were not in the building, therefore reducing distractions. 40 or more crew members made up our team and worked around the clock. Additionally, the job required us to rent a scissor lift so that we could reach high ceilings impacted by smoke and soot damage. Another challenge involved planning our work around the customer's daily production schedules, as it was not feasible to halt production while we worked. We overcame this challenge by coordinating schedules and sectioning off specific areas in which we were working so that the company’s daily operations could carry on throughout the process. Our final walkthrough of the facility was completed on July 26th- just 22 days after work began.

Teamwork Makes All The Difference

What makes this specific job deserving of our “Job of the Quarter” title is the way in which this job exemplified our emphasis on teamwork. From our digital marketing team that got our foot in the door to the crew members working on the job site, everyone had a hand in our success. Jannene Miller, one of our commercial account managers, served as the primary point of contact for our customer and kept them up to date through regular communication. Jim Wall, one of our owners, alongside Jason Quick, our Harrisburg West Vice President of Operations, and George Readinger, who serves as our team’s Large Loss Production Manager, traveled to the job site in order to communicate with the customer. Back in the office, owner Trish Wall helped seal the deal by sending letters of recommendation. SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team - Team Wall is truly a team, as members from every area of our company work together to make our customer’s large fire loss “Like it never even happened.” Our teamwork made it possible for us to ensure that our customer was content with every stage of the restoration process in addition to the final product.

Have a Large Loss? Call Team Wall

Regardless of the nature of your commercial business’ large loss damage, SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team - Team Wall can help. Our commercial restoration services specifically target fire, storm, water, and mold damage. If your business is looking for a team of large loss restoration professionals with advanced equipment, look no further than SERVPRO. While we hope that your commercial business is never faced with a large loss of any kind, know that we are always standing by and looking forward to help after any emergency.

Storm Safety: Generator Tips

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

Generator in use Infrequent usage can sometimes mean that our grasp on generator safety isn’t as strong as we might think.

During or after a storm, generators often come to the rescue, restoring a sense of normalcy by restoring electricity. They facilitate a multitude of functions necessary for daily life when the power goes out, such as illuminating your home or business, making sure that your refrigerator stays cold, and charging your electronics. Power outages, thankfully, are not frequent occurrences. All the while, infrequent usage can sometimes mean that our grasp on generator safety isn’t as strong as we might think. Consumer Reports confirms that generators pose several safety concerns, ranging from carbon monoxide poisoning to fire hazards. There are a few steps that you can take in order to protect your home or business from these very dangerous generator usage outcomes. In this blog, we will share some of our top safety tips when it comes to generator usage during a power outage. 

1. Keep Your Generator Outside

The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning can be increased when your generator is housed in any enclosed, indoor area, including basements and garages. According to the American Red Cross, it is beneficial to keep generators outdoors and as far away from doors and windows as possible, as placing your generator within close proximity of entrances to your home or business increases the chances of carbon monoxide making its way inside. Another helpful step is installing a carbon monoxide detector and alarm system inside of your home or business, which will alert those living or working inside of the property to exit as quickly as possible. 

2. Store Fuel in a Safe Location

In order to power your home during a power outage, generators run on fuel. Before a storm, you may stock up on fuel. When it comes to storing generator fuel, it is best to keep it away from living spaces in areas that are cool, dry, and well-ventilated. Fuel can ignite quickly when it comes into contact with an item that instigates fire, but making sure that your generator fuel is being stored a safe distance away from such items can help reduce the chances of a fire igniting. 

3. Consider Installing a Transfer Switch

Transfer switches can be a helpful tool in reducing the risk of an electrical fire when using a generator. Extension cords present a fire hazard and “backfeeding”, which occurs when you plug your generator directly into a wall outlet, can pose an increased threat of electrocution. A transfer switch eliminates the need for either, as it allows your generator to be plugged directly into your circuit panel, thereby reducing the risk of fire. Transfer switches sometimes also display wattage usage levels, helping you prevent your generator from overloading. 

SERVPRO Is Standing By

A strong emphasis should be placed on caution in the event that you decide to power your residential or commercial business with a generator during a power outage. Make sure that you have a plan if a generator emergency, such as a fire igniting, occurs. A beneficial first step to take when disaster strikes is making a phone call to SERVPRO of Harrisburg West. If you discover fire damage resulting from your generator, call us at (717) 510-6779 and our team of fire damage restoration specialists will respond immediately. Learn more about our professional Storm Damage Restoration, Commercial Storm Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, and Commercial Fire Damage Restoration services. Trust SERVPRO, no matter what your emergency, to make it “Like it never even happened.”

This Hurricane Season, Look No Further Than SERVPRO

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

Stormy sky Do you have a plan of action if your commercial property falls victim to storm damage this hurricane season?

June 1st marked the beginning of 2021’s hurricane season, but with each day that we inch our way toward November 30th and the official end of the season, the risk for severe weather presses on. That is why reevaluating your commercial business’ emergency plans concerning severe weather and, specifically, hurricane response. Do you have a plan of action if your commercial property falls victim to storm damage this hurricane season? A beneficial first step is having SERVPRO of Harrisburg West’s phone number on hand. When you call us, you will be enlisting the help of mitigation and reconstruction specialists alike to restore your commercial property to its preloss condition and minimize disruptions to your business’ schedule. Curious about our Storm Damage Restoration and Reconstruction services? Keep reading to learn more.

We Are Reconstruction Professionals

SERVPRO is a prominent name in the restoration community, but did you know that we offer the same level of professional reconstruction services as well? From roofing services to drywall installation and floor repair, our reconstruction specialists can meet all of your needs in addition to mitigation work. We are committed to being there for our customers from the beginning to the end of the job. As a result, we will start by mitigating storm damage, taking steps such as water removal and drying, and get your property back to its preloss condition by completing demolition and reconstruction work until your commercial business’ storm damage looks “like it never even happened.” For a better idea of what these services look like, we’ll share two stories about recent commercial storm jobs in which we came to the assistance of our customers with both mitigation and reconstruction services. 

The Phoenix Buildings

The infamous, destructive 2020 hurricane season took Orange Beach, Alabama by storm. Our Disaster Recovery Team - Team Wall crew hit the road, traveling to Orange Beach in order to mitigate water damage left behind by Hurricane Sally in two condominium buildings within the Phoenix Buildings complex. Multiple floors of condos were affected in both buildings, ranging from the top to the bottom floors. After completing the mitigation, we also provided reconstruction services that successfully restored the Phoenix Buildings condos to their preloss condition. Here at SERVPRO, we pride ourselves on being our customers’ “one-stop-shop,” capable of handling all of their needs. More on the Phoenix Buildings project can be found in our blog article.

Immaculate Conception Catholic School Winter Storm Damage

Hurricane season doesn’t mark the end of our storm damage restoration services. This winter, Disaster Recovery Team - Team Wall set out for Denton, Texas in order to help the Immaculate Conception Catholic School recover from Winter Storm Uri, which left a path of destruction. We worked quickly to combat burst pipes and extensive water damage, but once the mitigation work was complete, we supplied the necessary reconstruction services, including floor replacement and drywall installation, that were required to get the school back to normal. Read more about the ways in which we were able to help the ICCS here

We Do It All

Our work doesn’t stop until your commercial property is restored to its preloss condition. We understand the devastating interruptions to your company’s daily operations that storm damage can bring. By providing both mitigation and reconstruction services for your property, we minimize the amount of time and money that it takes to get your business back on track. Listen to one of our recent client’s testimony in a letter of recommendation: 

“SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team - Team Wall (SERVPRO Team Wall) was able to respond to our restoration and reconstruction needs at our affected facilities with an impressive response time… It is with confidence that I recommend SERVPRO Team Wall for any restoration and reconstruction services. I am certain the same level of quality, service, and responsiveness would be provided for all those enlisting their services.” 

In the event that your commercial property experiences storm damage, trust that SERVPRO of Harrisburg West will complete the necessary mitigation and reconstruction work quickly. Call us right now at (717) 510-6779 and visit our website to learn more about our our SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team - Team Wall and our reliable 24-Hour Emergency Services, as well as our Commercial Storm Damage Restoration services that we tailor to the unique needs of your property. For our top hurricane preparation tips, read our most recent storm blog.  No matter what this hurricane season brings, know that SERVPRO of Harrisburg West is here for you and your commercial business.

Minimizing Water Damage from Flooding

9/16/2021 (Permalink)

Flood damage The Federal Emergency Management Association states that flooding “is the most common and costly disaster in the United States.”

While flooding can occur any time of year, hurricane season often amplifies the risk of flooding as a result of strong storms. The Federal Emergency Management Association states that flooding “is the most common and costly disaster in the United States.” In order to decrease water damage due to flooding, FEMA recommends taking three distinct steps, “Know Your Risk”, “Insure Your Property”, and “Reduce Your Risk.” Continue reading for a list of helpful tips when it comes to protecting your home or business from flood damage that comply with FEMA’s standards. 

Preventative Measures Inside and Outside

Inside and outside of your residential or commercial property, there are steps that you can take to prevent flood damage well in advance or immediately a storm rolls in. Inside, crucial documents and objects can be secured in water-tight containers, placed in elevated locations. In this way, these important items can be kept safe from permanent damage in a flood. Critical equipment and utilities, including your property’s HVAC unit, within your home or business may benefit from being elevated about one foot off of the ground. This step can also be taken outside with outdoor air conditioning units or heat pumps in order to protect them from potentially disastrous flood damage. Finally, the simple act of clearing your gutters of debris on a regular basis can make all the difference in protecting your property from flood damage, as doing so keeps gutters from clogging and gives rainwater a route to drain properly. 

Call SERVPRO for Professional Storm Damage Restoration

It is impossible to eliminate the risk of storm damage as a result of flooding, even with preventative measures in place. Nevertheless, taking steps to minimize flood damage, such as those outlined in this blog as well as’s recommendations, can go a long way in preventing irreversible damage. In the event that your residential or commercial property experiences storm damage resulting from a flood this summer, know that SERVPRO of Harrisburg West has your back and is ready to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (717) 510-6779 for immediate assistance or visit our website for more information about our storm resources, such as our Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration and Commercial Storm Damage Restoration services, as well as our Water and Storm Damage Tips.

A Breakdown of Our Water Damage Restoration Process

9/9/2021 (Permalink)

Water droplets What can you expect from us when you call us after your property experiences a water damage emergency resulting from a storm?

We’re known for our stellar water damage restoration services, but what can you expect from us when you call us after your property experiences a water damage emergency resulting from a storm? We stick to a tried-and-true Water Damage Restoration Process, which we tailor to your home or business’ specific needs. For a detailed breakdown of our process when handling a water damage restoration job, keep reading. 

Our 6-Step Water Restoration Process

  • Emergency Contact

Your call is what sets our water damage restoration process into motion. During this phone call, you will speak with our experienced team members, who will ask questions and gather helpful information about your unique water damage situation. In this way, we can arrive onsite with the proper tools and equipment that will enable us to get to work as quickly as possible. 

  • Inspection and Water Damage Assessment

An assessment of your home or business’ water damage is our first task once we arrive. Our experts will assess the contamination level of the water in accordance with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification’s guidelines. In order to make certain that every affected area of your property receives the attention that it needs, we also measure the distance that the water has traveled within your home or business. 

  • Water Removal and Extraction

Water extraction is completed with the help of our specialized vacuums and pumps. The growth of mold and mildew, which is common in situations involving lingering water, is prevented through our water removal and extraction step. 

  • Drying and Dehumidification

After the water removal and extraction step of our procedure, there can be additional, harder to reach water that remains. Therefore, this step aims to remove any remaining water or moisture. Additionally, we ensure that your property is thoroughly dried by determining how many air movers and dehumidifiers will be necessary to get this job done based on levels of humidity and the temperature inside your home or business.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing

The IICRC lists 3 different categories of water contamination. When items experience water damage, therefore, they can become unsanitary. That is why step 5 in our water damage restoration process focuses on cleaning and sanitizing affected contents and surfaces. Also included in this step is deodorizing affected areas. In order to get the cleaning and sanitizing job done, we offer different types of cleaning, such as Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Abrasive Cleaning, Immersion Cleaning, and more based on the impacted surface.

  • Restoration

Our water damage restoration process concludes with the restoration itself, which involves every final touch needed to get your home or business back to looking and functioning normally after a storm. From large-scale repairs like Rebuild Services to smaller-scale concerns, such as carpet replacement and drywall installation, SERVPRO can handle it all. 

Here for You Throughout the Entire Process

Our SERVPRO of Harrisburg West team is prepared to take your property through the entire restoration process from start to finish. After a water damage emergency, our water damage restoration specialists will remediate the damage, but our work doesn’t stop there. We are committed to thoroughly restoring your commercial or residential property to its preloss condition. Learn more about our trusted Water Damage Restoration services, our specific Commercial Water Damage Restoration services, and our Water Damage Tips from professionals on our website. 

Cleaning Your HVAC System Following a Fire

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

HVAC System Tubing Fires can negatively impact HVAC units, which work to facilitate airflow throughout your home or business.

Damage to your property’s structure and contents are usually at the top of the list of concerns after a fire. What you may overlook, however, is the crucial behind-the-scenes equipment that keeps your property safe, such as your HVAC system. Fires can negatively impact HVAC units, which work to facilitate airflow throughout your home or business. Therefore, HVAC systems can actually have a hand in exacerbating health effects to those working or living in the property, as they can carry air contaminated with smoke or soot residue throughout the affected home or business. As a result, HVAC system cleaning is essential after a damaging fire and fortunately, we offer professional HVAC cleaning services on our list of Cleaning Services here at SERVPRO, which can help your home or business return to normal as quickly as possible. 

When Should HVAC Cleaning Be Implemented?

HVAC cleaning services are most frequently implemented after fires that give rise to moderate to heavy amounts of smoke or soot residue. It is also important to consider the proximity of the fire to your property’s HVAC unit when determining whether HVAC cleaning is necessary. In any circumstance, recruiting a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC and fire cleaning professional to inspect the affected areas and determine the severity of the fire damage. Duct sealing services, in which soot and dust particles are vacuumed and vent registers and air intakes are removed, cleaned, and replaced, are another variety of HVAC unit cleaning that we provide in the event that your property’s unit cannot be cleaned normally. Here at SERVPRO of Harrisburg West, we have experts in both HVAC cleaning and fire damage restoration on our team who will make certain that your property receives the most appropriate services. 

HVAC Cleaning Reduces Health Effects

One of the most important benefits of implementing HVAC cleaning services in your home or business after a fire is the prevention of various health effects presented by fires. When your HVAC unit is professionally cleaned, the smoke and soot particles lingering in your home or business are removed, therefore decreasing the risk of respiratory issues and poor air quality. 

For Professional HVAC Cleaning, Call SERVPRO

In the event that your home or business experiences a fire of any magnitude, call SERVPRO of Harrisburg West right away at (717) 510-6779. You’ll immediately receive the help of our seasoned fire damage restoration and HVAC cleaning specialists, in addition to our professional equipment. Read more about our reputable Fire Damage Restoration services, as well as our tried-and-true Fire Restoration Process on our website. Additionally, through our Air Ducts and HVAC Cleaning services, our team is committed to eliminating further damage after your property’s fire. For a thorough and quick recovery after any fire damage emergency, don’t wait- call SERVPRO today.

All About Our Biohazard Cleaning Services

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

Biohazard situation We make it a priority to remove biohazards safely and as quickly as possible through our Biohazard Cleanup and Restoration Services.

Here at SERVPRO, we offer an extensive list of Cleaning Services. Among these services are a few unique offerings with which customers may be unfamiliar. One such service is biohazard cleaning. In this blog, we will answer frequently asked questions, including: “What does biohazard cleaning mean?”, “What sets biohazard cleaning apart from other cleaning services?”, and “When might biohazard cleaning be necessary?”  

What Is a Biohazard?

A biohazard, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “a biological agent or condition that is a hazard to humans or the environment.” Examples of these kinds of agents are microbiological waste, animal waste, and bodily fluids. Because of the consequences that they can have for human health, we make it a priority to remove biohazards safely and as quickly as possible through our Biohazard Cleanup and Restoration Services.

Examples of Biohazard Cleaning Scenarios

You may be wondering, “What kind of situations warrant biohazard cleaning?” Many of the scenarios that may come to mind, such as crime scene residue, chemical spills, and tear glass cleanups, are not common occurrences in residential or commercial properties. Instead, it is more reasonable to anticipate accident cleanups or sewage backups as the primary biohazard scenarios that might occur in homes and businesses. Regardless of your property’s biohazard situation, our biohazard cleaning professionals possess the knowledge, tools, and skills required to deal with any kind of biohazard scenario. We will work to restore your home or business to its preloss condition in no time.

Need Biohazard Cleanup Services? Call SERVPRO

Biohazard scenarios can often be distressing, which is why you need an empathetic cleaning company that will treat you and your property with the utmost respect. By calling SERVPRO of Harrisburg West at (717) 510-6779 immediately after discovering a biohazard scenario, you can be sure that your residential or commercial property will be placed in the hands of skilled and experienced biohazard specialists, who will utilize specialized equipment to restore your property safely, adhering to OSHA’s health standards. Our 24-Hour Emergency Service ensures that our team will arrive quickly and at any time of day, minimizing prolonged exposure and risks to your health. In order to further prevent dangers to health, read our Biohazard Emergency Tips while waiting for help to arrive. 

Hurricane Season: Our Top Tips

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

Hurricane Waves Preparing for the worst can be helpful in decreasing the risk of storm and water damage to your property.

As we inch closer to the beginning of September, we still have three more months of hurricane season ahead of us. This year, the Atlantic hurricane season officially ends on November 30th. For residential and commercial properties alike, preparing for hurricane season is frequently a complex process. Like the 2020 hurricane season, NOAA has forecasted another strong hurricane season for 2021 with a 60% chance that it will be an above-average season. Even though NOAA is not predicting that this hurricane season will outperform the 2020 hurricane season, preparing for the worst can be helpful in decreasing the risk of storm and water damage to your property. Keep reading to learn more about reducing the risk of storm damage to your commercial or residential property this hurricane season. 

Hurricane Season Preparation Tips

Create a Hurricane Emergency Kit

Emergency kits can effectively prepare homes and businesses for hurricanes. These kits can include a wide variety of items, such as portable cell phone chargers, maps, and flashlights as well as water and food. More items can be found on It may be beneficial to store emergency kits in multiple locations, including your home, car, and workplace. This ensures that no matter where you are when the storm rolls in, you can take comfort in knowing that you have access to emergency supplies. 

Utilize Resources from FEMA

Multiple online hurricane planning resources for homes and businesses can be found on the United States’ Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA. One such resource that provides critical information prior to and during a hurricane is the FEMA Mobile App. Updates from the National Weather Service, notifications about disaster recovery centers nearby, and general hurricane safety tips.

Experience Water Damage This Hurricane Season? You Know Who To Call

Hurricanes, like other major weather events, can be stressful, as it is often impossible to predict the scope of any property damage that you may experience. Here at SERVPRO, our team members are highly-skilled and experienced in Storm Damage Restoration and are prepared to help our customers to recover from any type of disaster. SERVPRO of Harrisburg West is also a member of SERVPRO’s Large Loss Disaster Recovery Team, which gives us access to a network of resources across the country. By giving us a call at (717) 510-6779 in the event that your residential or commercial property experiences hurricane damage this season, you can ensure that you will receive expert assistance. For more information about our storm-related services, check out our Commercial Storm Damage Restoration Services, as well as our Water & Storm Damage Tips pages.

Preventing Lithium Battery Fires

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

An assortment of batteries Due to the increase in the presence of lithium batteries in our lives, it is important to understand that fire safety concerns can accompany them.

In chemistry class, you may have first been introduced to lithium as the third element on the periodic table. Beyond the periodic table, however, lithium serves many different purposes, such as its function in batteries, providing portable energy to various types of electronics. There are lithium batteries as well as lithium-ion batteries and the difference between the two lies in the type of cell. It is not possible to charge lithium batteries, as they are primary cells, but lithium-ion batteries, which are secondary cells, can be recharged. You may not be aware of it, but chances are you use an electronic device regularly that is powered by either type of lithium battery. Due to the increase in the presence of lithium batteries in our lives, it is important to understand that certain fire safety concerns accompany them if they malfunction or endure damage. With a thorough understanding of the risks that accompany lithium batteries, you can protect your home or commercial business.

Why Are Lithium Batteries Such a Concern?

Even though lithium batteries can be a fire hazard, they are still put to use in our daily lives. This is because most of the time, it is safe to utilize lithium batteries, as they only become hazardous in the event that they overheat or short-circuit. Lithium-ion batteries in electronic devices often release overwhelming heat when they reach their maximum temperature, which can result from overcharging or overheating. Fires can occur under these circumstances, evident in news reports from the last several years that share concerning stories of hoverboards and cell phones igniting. However, lithium batteries are not as hazardous as such stories say they are. Categorized as Class 9 hazards according to the United States Postal Service, lithium batteries are acknowledged as miscellaneous hazardous materials, which only present hazards during transportation.

Preventing Lithium Battery Fires This Summer

It’s not difficult to find lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries in your day-to-day life, as they are often used to power everything from laptops and cell phones to electric toothbrushes. Practicing fire safety when using lithium battery or lithium-ion battery-powered devices can protect your home or business from fire damage this summer. The summer is a critical time to learn how to prevent a fire resulting from lithium batteries, as the likelihood of portable electronics overheating naturally increases in the sizzling heat. Making sure that electronics are not left in hot cars for long amounts of time and avoiding charging in the heat can therefore decrease the chances of a fire igniting. Utilizing a trustworthy, reputable charger and investing in a high-quality phone case can also make a significant difference in protecting its battery and preventing a fire resulting from malfunctioning lithium batteries. 

Have You Experienced Fire Damage? Call SERVPRO 

Even though lithium battery fires do not occur frequently and do not regularly pose threats to safety, fires can occur. Therefore, having an emergency plan in place is beneficial. This is where we step in to help. Here at SERVPRO of Harrisburg West, we strive to be ready for anything. When an unexpected fire ignites in your home or commercial business, you can trust SERVPRO to provide the Fire Damage Restoration Services and Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services that you need. At the first sign of damage, call us at (717) 510-6779 in order to prevent any further damage. Check out our website to learn more about our Fire Restoration Process, including our specific offerings such as Caring for Your Belongings, which can facilitate the cleanup process in the event that a fire impacts other objects in your home or business, including electronics, photographs, and documents. Regardless of whether your home or commercial business’ fire is ignited due to lithium batteries or another source, know that SERVPRO is standing by with our 24-Hour Emergency Service, ready to help make it “Like it never even happened.”