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3 Types of Lightning in a Storm

9/23/2022 (Permalink)

Lightning Becoming familiar with these 3 different types of lightning is an important part of storm safety.

Nearly every storm event presents lightning and, with it, serious concerns for human safety. All the while, lightning also poses risks to residential and commercial properties. Hurricanes, which we do not often consider to be storms capable of producing lightning, do sometimes have lightning near the eye of the storm. During a thunderstorm, there are 3 common types of lightning you may see. Becoming familiar with these 3 different types is an important part of storm safety. Today’s blog will explain the 3 common types using information from NOAA’s “Lightning Types” article, but we will also discuss safety risks associated with each lightning type so that you can be informed, which is the best way to protect yourself and your home or business from lightning dangers.

Cloud-to-Ground Lightning

Cloud-to-ground lighting is the most dangerous type of lightning for properties. This type of lightning occurs when a channel of negative charge shooting down from a storm cloud meets a positive charge from tall objects like nearby trees, power lines, and tall structures like homes and commercial buildings. In the event that the positive charge comes from a tall property, the unification of the positive and negative charges causes an electrical current to start flowing, posing safety risks to properties and people inside of them if a fire ignites as a result of an electrical surge. To prevent damage from a lightning strike, it is best to protect your property with surge protectors. If a thunderstorm is in your area, even if you don’t see lightning, it is beneficial to step away from electrical appliances and avoid activities involving water, such as taking a shower or washing dishes.

Cloud Flashes

From time to time, lightning never reaches the ground. When you see flashes of light in the clouds but no lightning bolts, what you are observing is known as cloud flashes. In cloud flashes, the lightning usually remains in the clouds through what NOAA calls “intra-cloud lightning flashes.” According to The National Weather Service, “an electrical discharge between oppositely charged areas within the thunderstorm cloud” causes cloud flashes. Even though we know that cloud-to-ground lightning is a more dangerous type of lightning, cloud flashes still pose safety threats, as they indicate that the storm is producing lightning, so cloud-to-ground lightning could develop at any time.

Heat Lightning

It may come as a surprise to learn that there is no such thing as heat lightning. So why are we including it in this blog? The National Weather Service states that if you see cloud flashes without thunder (what we normally call “heat lightning”), what you see is actually faint lightning flashes from a thunderstorm just far enough away that your eyes can’t see the cloud-to-ground lightning it is generating or hear the thunder that accompanies it. 

Experience Lightning Damage? Call SERVPRO

If lightning from a storm causes damage to your property, call SERVPRO Team Wall as soon as possible for fast, 24-hour service that will restore your home or business to its preloss condition. With top-of-the-line resources and professional, experienced storm damage restoration specialists, we specialize in making your property damage “like it never even happened” after any storm. At the first sign of damage, pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of Harrisburg West at (717) 510-6779 to speak with one of our team members. Be sure to also check out our website for more information about our Storm Damage Restoration capabilities, including storm restoration services tailored specifically to commercial properties, our Disaster Recovery Team for large losses, and our water restoration process

Did You Know?: September Is Peak Hurricane Season

9/16/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane Property owners should continue to take proactive actions to protect their properties even as we enter the last portion of hurricane season.

An article declaring September as the “annual peak of Atlantic hurricane season” was posted on just last week. The author, a senior meteorologist at, explains that September 10th marked the statistical, climatological peak of hurricane season, a time in which “the Atlantic Basin has had the most hurricanes and named storms over the course of history.” Hurricane season in the northern hemisphere begins June 1st and ends November 30th, according to NOAA. As we know, September 10th does not fall exactly in the middle of hurricane season. Therefore, we might ask: what makes September peak hurricane season? In today’s blog, we will answer this question and share options that property owners have when seeking to protect their homes and businesses during peak hurricane season.

What Makes September Peak Hurricane Season?

According to the article, among the factors that increase the likelihood of hurricanes forming in the Atlantic region during the month of September are “ocean water reaching its highest temperature, the atmosphere's ability to generate thunderstorms hitting its peak, and hostile shearing winds declining to a minimum,” as well as “tropical waves,” which peak in July and carry into September. The author also references statistical data illustrating the peak of hurricanes on or around September 10th. Additionally, the data shows that 77% of named storms and 87% of hurricanes in an average hurricane season occur in August, September, and October. Based on this information, we can deduce that, while we are currently in the most active portion of hurricane season, heightened hurricane prevalence stretches well into the rest of September and October. As a result, residential and commercial property owners should continue to take proactive actions to protect their properties from increased potential storm activity, even as we enter the last part of hurricane season.

Hurricane Preparedness

According to the American Red Cross, property owners should prepare for two primary things before a hurricane: wind and flooding. Cutting back trees and bushes close to your property and securing windows with storm shutters are two steps you can take to protect your property from damaging winds. With regards to flooding prevention, it is imperative that your gutters and drains are cleared before the storm, as this will allow for increased drainage. All the while, hurricanes are powerful forces of nature that can cause unanticipated property damage even when preventative measures are taken in advance. If your residential or commercial property undergoes storm damage in the aftermath of a hurricane this hurricane season, SERVPRO Team Wall has your back. Pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of Harrisburg West at (717) 510-6779 at the first sight of damage. You can also visit our website to learn more about our professional Storm Damage Restoration services, Commercial Storm Damage Restoration, and our experienced Disaster Recovery/Large Loss Team. After any emergency, take solace in knowing that SERVPRO will make it “Like it never even happened”for your residential or commercial property.

Fire Pit Fire Safety Tips

9/10/2022 (Permalink)

Fire pit Focusing on fire safety when operating a fire pit this fall can help decrease the risk of unwanted fire damage.

With summer heat still present in the September air, colder temperatures seems far off in our future. However, fall is right around the corner, which means that, alongside the s’mores, apple cider, and time spent outdoors that we associate with the season, fire pit season is also upon us. The National Fire Protection Association tells us that campfires and fire pits can cause accidents that may lead to injury. Today’s blog will share a few ways in which you can safely use a fire pit this fall, while avoiding fire damage to your property.

Fire Safety at the Fire Pit

There are two different types of fire pits: In-ground and above-ground. Regardless of which type you have on your property, it is always crucial to keep the fire pit situated a safe distance away from your home, as well as any other flammable objects, such as trees, brush, bushes, and sheds. Material is also important in reducing fire risk. Your property’s fire pit should be made of a non-combustible material, like heavy metal, brick, or stone. Lastly, whenever a fire is actively burning in a fire pit, a responsible adult should be present at all times in case the fire gets out of hand. 

Make Safety a Priority

If your fire pit is not wood-burning, make sure that you follow the safety guidelines of your fuel type. Likewise, if you are using firewood, ensure that it is dry and clean. While these precautionary steps may seem trivial, they can have a tremendous impact on the safety of your property, as they can prevent fire emergencies. However, accidents happen, and that’s why it is beneficial to always have a fire extinguishing device on hand when using your fire pit. A fire extinguisher is a helpful tool, but a garden hose or bucket of water sitting nearby can also be a helpful tool that can quickly douse a fire if needed. 

Have a Fire? Call SERVPRO 

Focusing on fire safety when operating a fire pit this fall can help decrease the risk of unwanted fire damage. However, there are always fire risks and hazards present when igniting a fire in a fire pit. If your property experiences a fire emergency, SERVPRO Team Wall is available to your 24/7. Working diligently to restore your property to its preloss condition, our team of trained and experienced fire damage restoration professionals will make it “Like it never even happened” after fire emergencies large and small. For more information, call SERVPRO of Harrisburg West today at (717) 510-6779 or peruse our website, which features a plethora of our fire damage restoration resources, including our Fire Damage Restoration services overview, Fire Restoration Process, and Fire Damage Tips pages.

Commercial Restoration: Industry Offerings

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

Buildings With years of experience in the commercial restoration industry, our team of professionals at SERVPRO have worked with many types of properties.

It is common knowledge that SERVPRO services both residential and commercial properties with our restoration and construction offerings. What you may not know, however, is what “commercial restoration” entails. By breaking down and explaining commercial restoration services, today’s blog will focus on the ways in which we meet different commercial industries’ wide-ranging needs. Keep reading to learn more about what SERVPRO can do for your property after any type of loss.  

Why Choose SERVPRO for Your Commercial Business?

Specializing in storm, water, mold, and fire restoration– in addition to construction and cleaning–, SERVPRO is trusted in the restoration industry due to our experience level. Because we’ve seen a lot, we understand your property’s needs within your industry. Therefore, our scheduling is flexible, as we are prepared to work around the clock and around your schedule. Getting the job done without disrupting your commercial business’ daily operations is our goal. In order to achieve this, our team can adjust our workspace to keep your business’ functional areas clear so that work can continue. We also value time management and efficiency, which is exemplified in our motto, “Faster to any disaster”, our 24/7 emergency services, and the collaboration with other SERVPRO franchises around the country in the event that a job requires more resources. 

Experiences With Multiple Industries

With years of experience in the commercial restoration industry, our team of professionals here at SERVPRO have serviced buildings housing many different commercial business industries, including schools and academic buildings, retail locations, healthcare facilities, food service, and hospitality. As a result, we have assisted properties of all different shapes and sizes, from large office buildings and government facilities to small retail stores and apartment buildings. 

Call SERVPRO After Any Commercial Emergency

If your commercial property is in need of fire, mold, storm, or water damage restoration services, know that our team of experts here at SERVPRO Team Wall are just a call away. Speak to one of our team members by picking up the phone and calling (717) 510-6779 and learn more about our offerings by visiting our website’s overview of Commercial Restoration services, in addition to our Commercial Cleaning services page. After any disaster, remember that SERVPRO Team Wall has your back and is always right here, waiting to make it “Like it never even happened” and restore your property to its preloss condition. 

Team Wall is Franchise of the Year

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

Our owners at convention And then: “And our new Franchise of the Year is…Team Wall.” It’s truly just the beginning!

In June 2011, we were a different company, a different team, different people.

We didn’t have family in the area to help with childcare. With all our earnings being reinvested back in the business, I made the choice to stay home with our young kids to offset costs. Meanwhile, Jim was a full-time (to the third degree) entrepreneur. To say that this man worked 18-hour days, every day is no exaggeration- he would go sometimes up to 2 weeks without seeing our boys. He was out the door before daybreak and back home after bedtime. Weekends were non-existent. Vacations were an impossibility. And every event we attended always had a contingency plan… just in case that phone would ring. This was our way of life.

We learned many things about the dichotomy of ‘teamwork’. We had a common goal (to succeed in family and business), but it required us to be incredibly independent in order to make it happen. The whole experience was a crash course in self-reliance, innovation, grit, and faith. And, man, could it be lonely.

More often than not, I wondered if it was all worth it. Right around those times the weather would break, and the phones would start ringing. I wish I could capture in words the joy that radiated from Jim’s every step and exuberance in each word he spoke. He thrived in these moments.  With his team 15 strong, he absolutely loved taking on the challenge of a mounting workload. Saying “yes” was his mantra and “figuring it out” was like fire in his veins. I continued to do all I could to support him, as this was his passion.

We thought for two years, that we were the only ones that lived and experienced this crazy way of life. That was until I flew to St. Louis, MO for my very first SERVPRO convention. I looked around and realized I was dead wrong. Thousands of people just like us were gathered to network and learn from each other. Convention was an unforgettable week soaking in all things SERVPRO, beginning to really understand at the core what got Jim so charged up about this business. Though, I do remember thinking, “If I have to listen to one more conversation about dehumidifiers…!” ??

And then came awards night. Yes please to dressing up and dancing! Although, that’s not the extent of what I remember from that night. The magnitude of it all- what we were a part of- hit me like a ton of bricks.

The top 100 franchises in the entire SERVPRO system are highlighted at every awards banquet. Additionally, the top 3 get a special video. Via my 100-foot screen, I remember watching with pure awe those stellar teams highlighted. I took note of the advice they gave, mentally logging their massive revenue volume (#1 was at $12M), and secretly wondering down deep inside, “Could it ever be us?”

“Us.” That was the very first time I thought of it as something other than just ‘Jim’s Business.’ It was ours. No longer was I just supporting his dream; we were tackling a vision together. Really, it was “us” every step of the way- no matter the period of time I was a stay-at-home mom or now fully involved in day-to-day operations. We built a team, redefining our last name to mean something that meant more than ‘just the two of us.’ We became a very cozy “just the 150 of us”…Team Wall.

In June 2022, after eleven years, massive growth, and so many life events, I was sitting among a thousand of my SERVPRO peers at the final gathering of the 2022 convention. I had eight of our amazing team members by my side. Meanwhile, Jim was sitting on the tarmac of Dallas Love Field, having to head home early. 

Wouldn’t you know it? They were announcing an award that we always quietly wondered might one day include our last name, yet always with a sense of improbability. We roll with a sea of titans at SERVPRO, anyway. Who were we among them?

And then: “And our new Franchise of the Year is…Team Wall.”

What went through my mind first? Elation…intricately weaved with devastation. Jim wasn’t there. His dream was the beginning of it all and he wasn’t there. The fact that he had to miss an incredible moment like this had my heart breaking and tears welling up in my eyes for hours. Days? Maybe more. I’m still emotional just writing this. ??

Hugging each and every one of our Team Wall members tight, we walked up together to accept the incredible recognition. Next, I did what anyone else out there would do: I told a thousand people to text Jim and let him know we are FRANCHISE OF THE YEAR baby!!!

His phone was blowing up. And he was crying tears of joy and pride for the achievement earned by each and every member of Team Wall. This may have started as a dream for one, but it became far more than we could ever have imagined.

Cheers to every member of our team for this incredible accomplishment. You should be so proud of yourselves!

It’s truly just the beginning, my friends!

- Trish Wall

Storm Season Emergency Preparedness with SERVPRO

8/19/2022 (Permalink)

Storm approaching Having an emergency plan in place before the storm is forecasted is beneficial in protecting your home.

Next month, September, is National Preparedness Month, which means that it is time to think about your home or business’ protection from mother nature. As we near the end of August, we are in the third month of hurricane season with three more to go, as it extends until November 30th of this year. Thunderstorms and severe weather are more likely this time of year, according to NOAA, due to the heat and humidity of the summer months. Having an emergency plan in place before the storm is forecasted is beneficial in protecting your home, but in the event that your property experiences unexpected damage, SERVPRO Team Wall’s Storm Damage Restoration experts have your back. Continue reading to get better acquainted with SERVPRO Team Wall’s Storm Damage Restoration capabilities and to learn 3 reasons why you can trust SERVPRO to help your property remain prepared for any emergency.

1. We Provide 24/7 Emergency Service

While forecasts provide an estimate, you can never really predict exactly when a storm will reach your property or how much damage it will cause. Bypassing these uncertainties, SERVPRO Team Wall is available to be of assistance to you 24 hours per week, 365 days a year. Count on SERVPRO to always be there for you, no matter the day or time. 

2. We’re a Team of Highly Trained Technicians

Our team of professional and experienced storm restoration technicians can help restore your property to its preloss condition. Supporting our exceptional team are our equipment and resources, which help us provide thorough cleanup services and construction services. When working with any damaged home or business, our goal is restoring the property as soon as possible, enabling you to get back on track.

3. We Are #1 in the Storm Damage and Flood Cleanup and Restoration Industry

SERVPRO is a trusted leader in our field, as we are #1 in the storm damage and flood cleanup and restoration industry. After a storm of any kind, large or small, you can always count on us to thoroughly restore your residential or commercial property. We can restore properties after storms of any size, as we have a network of more than 2,000 SERVPRO locations across the country, with whom we can easily cooperate and compile resources in large-loss situations from hospitals to government facilities and universities, no job is too big. SERVPRO is a full-service, which means that in addition to providing water and storm damage restoration services, we also handle construction services. Learn more on our Building Services page.

Have a storm emergency? Pick up the phone and call SERVPRO Team Wall today at (717) 510-6779 or visit our website’s Storm Damage Restoration overview page to learn more information about our Large-Loss/Disaster Recovery Team, Water Restoration Process, and Commercial Storm Damage services.

What To Avoid After a Fire

8/12/2022 (Permalink)

Fire aftermath As a property owner, it is likely that after a fire, you are unsure of what you can do to facilitate the restoration process.

Residential and commercial fires alike disrupt daily life and operations and can be overwhelming for homeowners and business owners. As a property owner, it is likely that after a fire, you are unsure of what you can do to get things back to normal and facilitate the restoration process. While this is beneficial, productive thinking, it is important to remember that in the aftermath of a fire, additional damage can be inflicted upon the affected property. Keep reading to learn about three of the most important things to avoid after a fire so as to prevent any further damage to your property.

1. Re-entering Your Home or Business Before It Is Safe to Do So

Even though the fire may be extinguished, it does not mean that it is safe to re-enter the property. While you may be eager to get back inside and assess the damage, it is imperative that you acquire the fire department’s approval and clearance to re-enter. If you enter your property in the aftermath of a fire, there is increased risk for the property to sustain additional, unwanted damage.

2. Cleaning The Property Yourself

Smoke and soot residue can pose dangers to ceilings, walls, and other contents in the aftermath of large and small fires alike. Therefore, acquiring the help of a fire damage restoration professional for cleaning and removal is essential in order to prevent unwanted damage. A professional can help remove odors and ensure that any damage sustained during the fire is completely resolved. That being said, do not attempt to wash carpets or walls yourself either, as doing so can also risk unwanted damage. Contacting SERVPRO Team Wall is a surefire way to make sure that your property receives the expert services and care that it deserves to make fire damage “Like it never even happened” after an emergency, large or small. 

3. Using or Cleaning Electrical Appliances

After a fire, it is important to refrain from using electrical appliances in order to protect yourself from electrical shock. Fires are extinguished using water, which may leave electrical appliances, including televisions, computers, refrigerators, and washing machines, wet and dangerous if operated. Likewise, attempting to clean electrical equipment, including light fixtures, after a fire is equally dangerous and should be left to professionals.

Call SERVPRO After a Fire

Picking up the phone and calling SERVPRO Team Wall at the first sign of fire damage is the best way to make sure that your property’s fire damage receives the best restoration and cleaning services, while preventing additional, unnecessary damage. To read more about our offerings, check out the commercial and residential Fire Damage Restoration Services, Fire Damage Restoration Process, and caring for your fire-damaged belongings pages on our website. Call SERVPRO of Harrisburg West at (717) 510-6779 to ensure that you are able to restore your property to its preloss condition and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

What’s the Latest with Hurricane Season?

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane While activity has been low so far, there is still time for hurricane activity to ramp up and produce dangerous storms.

Back in June, hurricane season officially began on June 1st for the Atlantic Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere. NOAA had previously predicted that this year’s hurricane season would be an unusually active one. If you’re scratching your head and wondering why you don’t remember a hurricane so far this summer, your memory is perfectly intact. Earlier this week, The Washington Post published an article investigating the rarity that is the 2022 hurricane season. They reported that this is the first year since 2017 that the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t seen the development of a hurricane prior to August 1st. All this considered, property owners are likely wondering: should we still be preparing for hurricane season or should we just throw in the towel?

There Is Still Time

Even though we are three months into hurricane season, we still have three more months to go, with two of them (August and September) being the peak of hurricane season. While activity has been low so far, there is still time for hurricane activity to ramp up and produce dangerous storms. The bottom line is that, yes, property owners still need to be preparing for the possibility of hurricanes through the end of November, when hurricane season formally ends.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

With the ever present threat for hurricanes during the remainder of hurricane season in our minds, we would like to take the time to share two of our top hurricane tips with you in today’s blog. These proactive storm tips can help you protect your home or business in the event of storms ranging from a passing afternoon thunderstorm to a hurricane or flood:

  1. When the weather is nice, check your roof and gutters for damage. Because they’re out of sight, your roof and gutters can be out of mind. However, if shingles get loose or your gutter clogs, your property can be at a greater risk for avoidable damage during a storm. Therefore, when you can do so safely, do your best to inspect your roof and gutter for pre-existing damage. Unclogging your gutters and ensuring that your roof is in good condition prior to a storm are two pivotal steps that you can take in protecting your property.
  2. Put together a hurricane preparedness kit. When a strong storm like a hurricane hits, a hurricane prep kit is a great resource to have in order to make sure that those occupying your property have necessities in an emergency. To put together your own kit, check out’s “Build A Kit” guide, which includes lists of items that may be beneficial to have in your hurricane prep kit, tailored to families, offices, and your individual needs. 

It is impossible to predict exactly how a hurricane or any strong storm will impact your residential or commercial property. However, you can always count on SERVPRO Team Wall to have your back, no matter what. Trust our tight-knit team and experienced crews of storm damage restoration professionals to provide the residential and commercial storm damage restoration services that have made SERVPRO famous for making it “Like it never even happened” for properties near and far. On our website, you can find more information about our water restoration process, in addition to the ways in which we care for your belongings after a storm disaster. Learn more about what we can do to restore your property by giving us a call at (717) 510-6779.

Job of the Quarter Q2: One Team Mentality

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage hallways Keep reading to learn more about SERVPRO Team Wall’s one team mentality and how it helped us make it “Like it never even happened” after a fire loss.

Before we enter a new quarter, we always take a moment to highlight one exceptional job as the recipient of our “Job of the Quarter” award. This quarter, the “Job of the Quarter” recipient displays what we call our “one team mentality.” Keep reading to learn more about SERVPRO Team Wall’s one team mentality and how it helped us make it “Like it never even happened” for the property owner after their building’s fire loss. 

After suffering a devastating fire loss, a commercial company was faced with more than half of their building damaged, with only the front lobby standing as a usable space. It was clear that they were in need of restoration and construction services that would return their property to its preloss condition and allow them to return to business as usual as soon as possible. 

While SERVPRO Team Wall was able to do all of these things for the commercial business, what made this job worthy of receiving the “Job of the Quarter” title was its display of our unique, one team mentality. Requiring multiple sections of SERVPRO Team Wall to collaborate and cooperate in order to get the job done, this job illustrates how deeply we value teamwork. While our SERVPRO of Harrisburg West office originally received the call about the fire loss, the affected property was located closer to our SERVPRO of Hunt Valley and Harford County office. Our Harrisburg office could have easily redirected the call to the Hunt Valley office, but a crew from Harrisburg traveled to Hunt Valley in order to help.

In order to complete the clean up job, even with all hands on deck, it became clear that we needed the help of our Large Loss division. Our centralized team even pitched in to help estimate repairs. Thanks to our one team mentality and teamwork, we were able to complete the restoration in a timely manner for our customer. 

Despite having plenty of personnel to assist with the project, this job was not without its challenges. Because the affected commercial building was an older structure with many structural issues that existed before the fire loss, there were many additional repairs that needed to be made in order to make the property safe for the customer. SERVPRO Team Wall is required by county code to restore properties to building standards. This particular building needed to meet ADA accessibility requirements. Although the quantity of requirements could potentially overwhelm a customer, our team put the customer’s mind at ease by working closely with the insurance company and the customer in order to determine the scope of the necessary repairs.

Additionally, completed the electric rework for the building, our crews laid gravel and poured concrete in the basement, installed drop ceiling and flooring, completed the framing, installed the drywall and ductwork, removed and replaced half of the roof, and painted. With our teamwork and one team mentality, we completed the job thoroughly and quickly so as to help our customer get their commercial property and business back on track after a devastating fire loss. 

For more information about SERVPRO Team Wall’s restoration and construction capabilities in the face of any emergency, call us at (717) 510-6779. You can also check out our website, which includes overviews of our offerings, such as residential and commercial Fire Damage Restoration services, Large Loss capabilities, Construction services, and many more. We look forward to helping you make it “Like it never even happened.”

Q2 Employee of the Quarter Recipients

7/21/2022 (Permalink)

Employees of the Quarter Please join us in congratulating our second quarter "Employee of the Quarter" winners, John Carter and Jonathan Blakeslee.

Before we flip the page and head into our third quarter of 2022, we're taking a moment to look back on a great second quarter for SERVPRO Team Wall. At the conclusion of this quarter, we would like to take the time to recognize the recipients of our “Employee of the Quarter” award for our centralized team and our SERVPRO of Harrisburg West office. Please join us in congratulating our second quarter "Employee of the Quarter" winners, John Carter as our centralized EOQ and Jonathan Blakeslee as SERVPRO of Harrisburg West’s EOQ.

Centralized Employee of the Quarter: John Carter

John Carter has been SERVPRO Team Wall’s Human Resources Specialist since joining our team. John displays consistency and persistence through his commitment and devotion to seeing tasks through to completion. He also brings creativity to our team, as he brings to the table, initiates, and implements new, high-quality, out-of-the-box ideas. When working in human resources, communication is key. John’s ability to persistently communicate with the rest of SERVPRO Team Wall has been critical to his success. We are so grateful for everything you do, John!

SERVPRO of Harrisburg West EOQ: Jonathan Blakeslee

In our second quarter of 2022, SERVPRO Team Wall’s SERVPRO of Harrisburg West office would like to recognize Construction Operations Manager, Jonathan Blakeslee, as our “Employee of the Quarter.” Since starting with SERVPRO Team Wall in October of 2021, Jonathan has proved himself to be an exemplary employee and team member. Initially, Jonathan was a Project Manager in our Construction department. In February, he was promoted to Operations Manager of the Construction department. Jonathan consistently displays SERVPRO Team Wall’s 7 Pillars: Hustle, Solutions, Team, Accountability, Quality, Persistence, and Consistency, that mark an outstanding employee. Jonathan is a hard worker, always working to make sure that customers receive the best care. He is also committed to seeing that projects are completed as soon as possible. Thank you for everything you do, Jonathan!