Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Destroys Foyer

After a large storm hit this Pennsylvanian home, water started to flood in from the roof and leak into the walls. The before picture shown is after we had demol... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Sun Room

After prolonged exposure from improper management, this sunroom became heavily damaged from rain that leaked in from the roof. The production crew on site remov... READ MORE

Recreational Center Flood

This job was done after a large storm caused flooding in the storage area of a local Rec Center. After moving the damaged items off the premises we got to work ... READ MORE

Ice Storm Damage

Freezing ice storms can cause pipes in both residential and corporate structures to freeze over and burst. This building had two inches of water in their buildi... READ MORE

Storm Damage Home

Storm damage at this home occurred when two big windows were broken out during a severe thunderstorm. There was a large amount of water deposited on the dining ... READ MORE

Storm Roof Damage

TWO INCHES OF WATER IN COMMERCIAL BUILDINGA storm contained powerful winds and heavy rain. A section of a commercial roof was blown off the building. Our SERVPR... READ MORE

Chandelier Cleaning

A vintage and fragile chandelier badly needed a cleaning after a recent storm that had passed through the area caused much of the shine to dissipate due to a le... READ MORE